The Designation of Origin Rueda and Plan Secreto S.L. are organizing the VIII online short film festival FILM WITH RUEDA. The festival will be carried out on the website and on the festival’s YouTube channel.


People and entities of any nationality can take part. Participants must be over 18 years old. Each participant may send as many short films as they wish. Neither employees of Plan Secreto S.L. nor of the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin Rueda are allowed to participate.

Short Films

The short films will have a minimun length of one minute and a maximum length of 10 minutes (credits included), and must be subtitled in English, and also in Spanish if the film is in another language.

The only essential requirement is that all the short films presented to the competition must include, in the short, at least one bottle of white wine from the Rueda Designation of Origin. *Only bottles from the Rueda Designation Origin will be accepted. They can be identified through the back labels appearing in the following link: (Download back labels) The back label should have one of the new D.O. Rueda designs, as they can be seen in the image. If the back label has the old design, the organizers may decide whether to accept or not the short film in the competition. It is not essential that the back labels are shown in the film, but the bottle must be identifiable.

The labels can be modified for narrative purposes, but any modification must be approved by the Rueda Designation Origin. Animated short films should take a real bottle as a model, and the animated version must be approved by the Rueda Designation Origin.

On the other hand, the shorts can be filmed in any location or natural setting, whether related to the Rueda Designation of Origin or not.

In the case of any of the shorts being filmed at the installations of any of the D.O. Rueda wineries inscribed in this event and appearing in the guide attached in the following link, (Download Location Guide), they will also be eligible for the prize to the best short film in the wineries and vineyards of the D.O.

The short films must not have been released or shown on any other media or channel apart from Film with Rueda until the winners of the competition are announced. Extended or shortened versions of other short films previously created will not be admitted. Short films presented at previous years of FILM WITH RUEDA will not be admitted.

The short films are to include the festival bumper, at the beginning and at the end of the short. The participants can choose the color of the bumper. The festival bumper must not be modified. (Download normal bumpers) (Download bumpers with inverted colours).

The short films are to be sent in .mov or .mp4 format with H264 compression for video and AAC for audio. Recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080. Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720.


Reception of short films will close on Monday October 2, 2023, at 13:00, Spanish peninsula time.


The jury will be composed of various professionals from the audiovisual media.


There are three prizes:

  • Best “FILM WITH RUEDA” SHORT FILM, receiving 5000 euros, for which all the shorts accepted to the competition will be eligible.
  • “RUEDA ORIGIN” FILM, receiving 3000 euros, to the best short either wholly or partially filmed in the D.O. Rueda wineries and/or vineyards appearing in the location guide.
  • BEST SHORT FILM BY CINEMA AND AUDIO VISUAL ARTS STUDENTS, receiving 2000 euros. Short films whose director is studying at Cinema Schools or Universities and Education Cycles or training centers related to audiovisual studies in the year 2023 will be eligible for this prize.

In addition, the following mentions will be made:

  • Best actor
  • Best actress
  • Best photography

The organization will offer the participants a series of locations available for filming in the wineries and vineyards of D.O. Rueda, which will allow them to be eligible for the “RUEDA ORIGIN” prize. The shorts filmed in D.O. Rueda will be eligible for both prizes, and it may be the case that one short film wins both prizes.

The jury may grant a special mention to other short films if it considers this to be opportune.

In the case of an ex-aequo prize, the economic endowment of the prize will be divided among the award winning films.

The short films winning a monetary prize must include a screen with the prizes obtained and the FILM WITH RUEDA logo in the final copy, so that it appears in all subsequent dissemination.

The amounts indicated for the prizes with monetary reward are with taxes included, meaning that the tax deductions stipulated by the current legislation will be made.

The winners of the three main prizes will receive clicks for the online platform Click for Festivals, so they can submit the short film to other festivals. The winner of the Best FILM WITH RUEDA; short film award will get 25 clicks, and the «RUEDA ORIGIN FILM» and the best short film by a cinema student will get 10 clicks each.

Registration and materials

Participants should send the following materials to the email :

  • Registration form. (Download Registration Form)
  • Two photographs of the short film.
  • Poster, if they have one.
  • Short film in .mov or .mp4 format with H264 compression for video and AAC for audio. Recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080. Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720.
  • In the case of competing for the best short film by cinema and audio visual arts students, certificate of the training centre in which the director of the short film is studying.

In the case of short films directed by cinema and visual arts students, the organisers of FILM WITH RUEDA reserve the right to exclude participants undergoing studies deemed insufficient in terms of level, length or specialization, from this category, although this does not affect the right of these works to participate in other categories.

Once the fulfillment of these conditions has been confirmed, the short films will be uploaded to the FILM WITH RUEDA YouTube channel and the website The films will be uploaded as they enter the contest, without waiting for the reception period to expire.

Filming in the wineries

Teams wishing to film in Rueda locations should contact the managers of the festival via the email, in order to coordinate this with their chosen wineries. They should send the script and an account of locations, dates, timetables and all the requirements for the smooth conduct of the filming. The filming will take place once the project has been approved and the availability of the selected winery confirmed.

The filming must comply with the health regulations in force at the time of recording and follow the instructions in this regard from the wineries and the Rueda con Rueda organization. Failure to comply with the regulations can lead to suspension of filming.

Once complete, all the short films must be sent so that the organization can confirm fulfillment of the conditions and upload the shorts to the festival YouTube channel.


The three shorts with the most “views” on the FILM WITH RUEDA YouTube channel will go directly through to the final. The rest of the short film finalists will be decided by the FILM WITH RUEDA organizers.

When counting views, the organization may discard short films whose metrics indicate abnormal behavior or that may be suspected of manipulation.

A jury made up of professionals from the sector will evaluate the short film finalists and decide on the prizes.

Distribution and broadcasting rights

The participants must hold the distribution and broadcasting rights of their work (and certify them to the CRDO Rueda), including the soundtrack and the image rights of the persons appearing in the short film, and exempt Designation of Origin Rueda and Plan Secreto S.L. from any responsibility in relation to this.

The prizewinning short films with monetary reward will cede the distribution and broadcasting rights for their work to Designation of Origin Rueda for any media and without exclusivity, including the Youtube channel. These short films will remain in the channel for at least two months after the end of the festival. After those two months, Film with Rueda may reach an agreement with the winners to remove their short films for a limited period of time in order to favor the distribution of the films in other film festivals. After that period, the short film will be available again in the Youtube channel.

The short films which are not winners will be kept on Film with Rueda’s YouTube channel unless the participant expressly requests it to be removed.

Other legal issues

Given the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin Rueda’s social commitment to responsible consumption, they reserve the authority to refuse admission to the competition by short films which:

  1. Include scenes with abusive consumption of wine or other alcoholic drinks.
  2. Include scenes in which any kind of drugs appear.
  3. Include scenes in which, while the product —alcoholic beverages— does not appear, it is suggested that consuming them gives rise to situations of enjoyment, loss of inhibition, sexual, work, sporting or other success, or generates attitudes which are violent, sexist or inappropriate in any way, or which depict the fact of not consuming as synonymous with failure or maladjustment. Similar situations produced by the consumption of any kind of drugs will not be admitted to the competition either.
  4. Include drinks with a recognisable brand which does not belong to the Designation of Origin Rueda.
  5. Include scenes of alcohol or drug consumption by underage persons, pregnant women or people undergoing medical treatment, —for which alcohol is contraindicated.
  6. Show scenes of abusive alcohol consumption followed by driving scenes in any kind of vehicle.
  7. Show scenes of explicit sex.
  8. Are explicitly aimed at an underage audience.
  9. Are produced or directed by persons underage.
  10. The organisation reserves the right to withdraw any video which it does not consider suitable to the objectives of the FILM WITH RUEDA competition.

The Designation of Origin Rueda is launching the FILM WITH RUEDA competition so that new cinema talents can develop their creativity and authenticity, which does not imply that it either supports or shares the point of view of all the messages implicit in the works presented to the competition. While granting this thematic freedom to the authors, the limitations brought together in these conditions only reflect the intention to comply with the current legislation and to the Self-regulation Code to which the Designation of Origin Rueda is submitted.

FILM WITH RUEDA reserves the right to carry out modifications to the present conditions and to add successive annexes concerning the way it works and the prizes, as long as these are justified, are not prejudicial to the participants and are duly communicated during the course of the Competition.


Participation in the festival assumes the full acceptance of the present conditions.

“In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December on personal data protection, we hereby inform you that all the personal data obtained during the accomplishment of this competition, will be incorporated into an automated or manual file containing personal data. The recipients of the information contained in the file shall be the supervisors of the different departments at PLAN SECRETO, S.L. with registered office at Calle Mariano de los Cobos, 43 D, Valladolid, who, as the party responsible for the file, guarantees your rights to access, amendment, cancellation and opposition of the data provided. It also undertakes the commitment to respect your confidentiality in the use of the data included in the file and to use it in accordance with the purpose of the file.”